Cheyenne Dressage Show


Two USEF Level 2 Dressage Shows Recognized by RMDS

June 8, 2024        Saturday       USEF/USDF: 319700
June 9, 2024        Sunday         USEF/USDF: 332892
Laramie County Community College 1400 E College Dr,
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82007

Opening Date: May 3, 2024
Closing Date (in secretary’s hand): June 1, 2024
Manager Laramie County Community College 1400 E College Dr, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82007
Secretary Mike Taylor, 1352 West Syphon Road, Pocatello, ID 83204
(208) 241-6068,
Judges: Saturday-Gwen Ka’awaloa, CO (S); Sunday-Joan Darnell, WA (S)
TD: Kaye Phaneuf, “R” WY

Class SATClass SUNLevelTestDivisionFEEQ FEE
100200Introductory AAO, AA, Jr/YR40 
101201Introductory BBO, AA, Jr/YR40 
102202Introductory CCO, AA, Jr/YR40 
103203OPPORTUNITY Training 1 Adult, Jr/YR40 
104204OPPORTUNITY Training 2 Adult, Jr/YR40 
105205OPPORTUNITY Eventing TOC Adult, Jr/YR40 
106206OPPORTUNITY Eventing TOC Adult, Jr/YR40 
107207OPPORTUNITY Dressage Seat Equitation Adult, Jr/YR40 
108208Training1O, AA, Jr/YR40 
109209Training2O, AA, Jr/YR40 
110210Training3O, AA, Jr/YR, Q4055
111211First1O, AA, Jr/YR40 
112212First2O, AA, Jr/YR40 
113213First3O, AA, Jr/YR,Q4055
114214Second1O, AA, Jr/YR40 
115215Second2O, AA, Jr/YR40 
116216Second3O, AA, Jr/YR,Q4055
117217Third1O, AA, Jr/YR40 
118218Third2O, AA, Jr/YR40 
119219Third3O, AA, Jr/YR,Q4055
120220Fourth1O, AA, Jr/YR40 
121221Fourth2O, AA, Jr/YR40 
122222Fourth3O, AA, Jr/YR,Q4055
123223Test of Choice Training–FourthTOCO, AA, Jr/YR, Q4055
124224Freestyle Training Level O, AA, Jr/YR50 
125225Freestyle 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4thTOCO, AA, Jr/YR,Q5065
126226FEI FreestyleTOCO, AA, Jr/YR, Q5055
127227FEI Test of ChoiceTOCO, AA, Jr/YR, Q5055
128228FEI Test of ChoiceTOC  O, AA, Jr/YR, Q  
129229US Eventing TOCTOC 40 
130230US Eventing TOCTOC 40 
131231Materiale – 3 yr Fillies  40 
132232Materiale – 3 yr Colts/Geldings  40 
133233Materiale – 4&5 yr Mares  40 
134234Materiale—4&5 yr Stallions/Geldings  40 
135235Dressage Seat Equitation   AA, Jr/YR40 
136236Young Horse TOC  40 


O-Open; Jr/YR-Junior/Young Rider; AA-Adult Amateur (Send copy of 2023 USEF AA card w/ entry);
Q-GAIG/USDF Qualifying (proof of USEF/USDF membership/registration required for participants and horse)

Office Fee (per entry/show-non-refundable)$25Great American/USDF Qualifying fee$15
Change fee after closing date$20USEF Drug fee (per horse/show)$23
Post entry for entered horses$20Stabling/Tack – per weekend$75
Haul-in Fee$20Schooling fee (entry req.)$40
Returned checks$50Day Stabling (7am-7pm – if avail)$40
Class Sponsorship$25USDF non-member fee$35
Late Fee$25Shavings (per bag) $8

Clean Stall Deposit (not tack)  $60  Please use a separate check – Using online, pay at check-in

Make checks payable to Randle Equestrian LLC. Mail completed entries to Mike Taylor.

SHOW COMMITTEE: The show committee reserves the right to cancel or split classes; limit class size; change arenas; limit the number of rides & number of horses per rider; and cancel or add judges. The show committee also reserves the right to refuse any entries.

ENTRIES: Accepted on first come, first served basis, based on (readable) postmark. Post entries (postmarked after closing date) will be accepted on a space available basis with late fee. Once the competition is filled a wait list will be established. Wait list will be maintained through June 6, 2024. Current 2024 RMDS entry form or you may use Horse Show Office to enter show. Proof of memberships and horse registrations must be included with entry or printout. If riding freestyle include a copy of qualifying test or USDF verification printout. If entry is incomplete, horse/rider combination will be placed on the wait list until required paperwork is received. Out of state competitors must provide a current negative Coggins and health certificate. USEF Show Pass is only available online from USEF and must be completed prior to show. You can only utilize one per show year.

RIDE TIMES: Provisional times will be emailed to riders (please provide a clearly readable email) and on and Official times will be posted at the show office by Noon the day previous to each show. Bridle numbers required at all times when horse is outside of stall. Entry form required if schooling only along with Schooling Fee, Office Fee, and grounds/stabling. Anyone not appearing for any of their dressage tests without prior notification to the show secretary will be “scratched” from their remaining classes. Those rides will be sold if possible. Ride times may not be changed after noon the day before the start of the entire competition, except in compliance with GR830.5. Scheduling of rides will be done a block style and may be out of order of the rest of the class you entered.

REFUNDS: Entries and stabling refunded except $25 office fee if entry is withdrawn, in writing (includes e-mail) before closing date. No refunds after closing, even if show must be cancelled. No shows forfeit all fees. If wait listed entries cannot be accepted because of a full show, all fees will be refunded. During competition days no refunds including Acts of God.

COVID-19 STATEMENT: Managing your risk of exposure to the Coronavirus is essential to maintaining good health. At this time, it is appropriate to be cognizant of proper hygiene and incorporating common sense actions into your everyday activities in order to prevent the spread of this virus. Practices such as regularly washing your hands with soap and water or an alcohol based hand sanitizer; practicing good sneeze and cough hygiene; avoiding touching your mouth, nose and eyes with unwashed hands; avoiding close contact

with people who are sick; and disinfecting and cleaning often touched objects and surfaces can help reduce your risk of exposure. We will have several sanitation stations on the grounds.

Any person who has a temperature of 100.4 (F) or higher, has symptoms of COVID-19 or has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 10 days cannot enter the competition grounds. Anyone who has been in contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 7-10 days cannot enter the competition grounds, except for healthcare personnel who have treated patients using appropriate medical-grade PPE during the course of performing professional duties.

VACCINATION NOTICE: Exhibitors are reminded of USEF’s new vaccination policy, effective 12/1/15; see GR844 for details. You can download the form from the USEF website under the forms section: and bring the completed form, signed by your veterinarian, with you to the competition. If you select the alternative option under the rules, please bring required documentation. Competition Management reserves the right to review vaccination documentation. Non-compliant entries may be quarantined or denied permission to unload, and will not be allowed to compete nor to mingle with other horses. No refunds will be given if right to compete is denied because the vaccination documentation is missing or incomplete.

REMINDER: All USEF Life and Senior Active members, as well as participants who have regular contact with minor athletes, are required to comply with the U.S. Center for SafeSport training requirement to be eligible to participate in the competition. All participants must adhere to the U.S. Center for SafeSport Code, USEF Safe Sport Policy, and the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies. More information about these can be found at

AWARDS: Ribbon for first place, ribbons to 6th place. In regular classes, ties will be broken in accordance with USEF DR123. High Point awards for Amateur, Open and Junior each day. Musical Freestyle and Introductory are not included in High Point awards. For high score ties, prizes will go to winners of coin toss. No prize money will be offered. Breed awards are also being added—see table.

STABLING: PLEASE put the name of your BARN OR TRAINER name as to whom you would like to be stable with. The names should ALL match or you may not be stalled together. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. 50 Permanent, deluxe, indoor 12×12 stalls with sliding doors; some with wooden floors; stallion stalls. Additional covered stalls with runs may be available. Send stabling form with entries. Fee includes first bag of shavings for all stalls. Extra shavings available for purchase $8 per bag. Clean stall deposit for all but tack stalls. Please send separate check or present at check-in for those doing online entry. Stalls available at 11:00 AM Friday and must be vacated by Sunday evening.

ARENAS: Show in standard 20×60 m indoor sand arena. Eventing tests to be performed in appropriate size arena. Intro tests and Eventing Tests may be scheduled in 20×40 arena. Schooling is in outdoor sand arena. Lunging in round pens only. Schooling indoors Friday from 12:00pm; hand-walking indoors but outside the competition arena until 30 minutes before show starts in morning and for 30 minutes after show concludes each day except when tractor is present.

HELMETS: From the time horses are officially admitted to the competition grounds by competition management, anyone mounted on a horse at any time on the competition grounds, including non-competing riders, riders on non-competing horses, mounted participants in exhibition classes and those competing in all classes and tests, including Para-Equestrian tests, must wear protective headgear as define by DR120.6 and otherwise in compliance with GR801. Any rider violating this rule at any time must immediately be prohibited from further riding until such headgear is properly in place.

CONCESSIONS: We will have bottled water and some limited pre-packaged snack food. Please plan accordingly for food needs.

LODGING: Special show rates from Comfort Suites (20% off) Enter LLCC under Special Rate or call at (307) 369-2404 for more. RV hookups are no longer available from the facility—bring your generator! Showers in barn restrooms.

OPPORTUNITY CLASSES: Opportunity classes (103-107/203-207) are for those wishing to participate in a recognized show experience but who do not wish to participate in USEF/USDF award programs. Participants and horses do not need USDF/USEF memberships and do not pay nonmember fees. At these shows horse/rider combinations may cross-enter into recognized classes with appropriate USDF/USEF memberships or non-member fees. Horses are allowed to cross enter between opportunity classes and USDF Introductory test.

RETURNED CHECKS: Checks returned by a bank for any reason are regarded as a most serious offense and will be handled according to the following procedures: $50 will be assessed for each returned check or any check with a stop payment; $50 will be assessed for any declined or stop payment on declined credit card payments; accounts will be given ten (10) days to be paid in full or they will be turned into USEF for further disciplinary action; accounts left unpaid—rider, owner or horse will not be allowed to compete at any event sponsored by Randle Equestrian, LLC, licensed by show management at other facilities, and/or will not be allowed on show grounds until past account(s) are paid in full.

CHECK-IN (& No-shows): Exhibitor number will not be released until show fees are paid. All exhibitors or representatives must check in with the Show Office and pick up their exhibitor number at least 60 minutes PRIOR to their FIRST class for the show. Exhibitors that have not checked in with the Show Office and received their show number (even those with bridle number holders) will be considered a NO-SHOW and be scratched from the rest of the show and time slots may be filled. All “No Shows” that have not contacted the show office will be considered a scratch for the rest of the show and no refund will be issued.

MANAGEMENT RIGHTS: Show management reserves the right to make any changes deemed necessary for the safe and efficient conduct of this competition. Show management reserves the right to interpret all questions and conditions in regard to or arising out of any incident in the show without claims for damages or recourse of any kind. All questions not covered in these rules and regulations shall be decided by Show Management and their decision shall be final. Show management reserves the right to vary or add officials and refuse any entry for a cause; to disqualify any exhibitor and/or his or her horse for cause; to cause an exhibitor to forfeit his or her ribbons and winnings for cause; to return any entry and/or stall fee before or during the show for cause; all without being liable for damage or compensation. Management reserves the right to cancel any classes due to hazardous weather, Acts of God, accident, or emergency. Every effort will be made to reschedule with priority given to any Championship or qualifying classes being offered. No refunds for cancellations due to hazardous weather, Acts of God, accidents, or emergencies.

EXHIBITOR/COMPETITOR RESPONSIBILITY: It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of test scores. Any scoring errors must be reported to the Show Secretary and/or assistant within one hour of the last ridden test for that class. Failure to report any errors within allowed time will mean the error will not be corrected and there will be no change in class placing. It is the rider/owner/member responsibility to make sure of their membership status is correct. Randle Equestrian LLC is not responsible for refunding membership fees that have been submitted to USEF or USDF. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to indicate to the Show Management if they are NOT eligible to compete under the judge listed on the show ride time schedule. If the judge has been added/changed, Show Management will make every effort to make adjustments to schedules as long as we are notified 72 hours BEFORE the first show ride. Exhibitors are responsible for presenting themselves to the ring at their designated time and accept the full responsibility for doing so regardless of announcements or ring stewards. No protest will be upheld, nor ride time changed due to failure of the exhibitor to meeting their responsibilities.

CLASSES PER DAY: Horses are limited to a maximum of three Dressage rides per day at Fourth Level and below or two Dressage rides per day above Fourth Level. Horses competing at both Fourth Level and Prix St. Georges, or their equivalents, are limited to two Dressage rides per day. Dressage Seat Equitation, and Materiale classes are excluded from the maximum limit of rides per day and horses in these classes may compete at any level for which they are otherwise eligible during the same competition.

CONSECUTIVE LEVELS: Horses may enter no more than two consecutive levels, Freestyle levels included, at any one competition.

MEDICAL: Medical personnel on grounds during competition.

FARRIER AND VETERINARIAN: On call. Names and phone numbers will be posted in the stable area and show office. Sharps containers in the show office and in the stabling area.



Sharps containers will be available in the stabling area and also in the show office for trailer in horses. Competition management may fine any individuals including trainers, owners, exhibitors, or their agents up to $100 for improper disposal of needles or other sharp disposable instruments.

DIRECTIONS From I-25, take College Drive (exit 7) east 4 miles to LCCC on left; from I-80, take College Drive (exit 364) south 1 mile to LCCC on the right.